Hey! Have you encountered flies entering your room and then flying around right in the middle of your room? I find that it is quite annoying. You too? Well, then this is truly an absolutely great trick to know. It is actually quite simple to chase them absolutely peaceably out of your room: all you need is to have one of those bigger ceiling fans. Since this fan is usually located in the middle of your room, and since it generates an air current, the flies won’t like and they simply fly away. I observed even that they usually fly away through the windows. That actually proves that flies are smart enough to know where the window is! Contrary to popular believe!

June 20, 2007 My Life

Today I had a look at the tachometer of my bicycle .. wow, it says 4007 km in total. I think I had a few hundreds of kms still left over from Germany, but the main part of it has been cycled in France. Note that I go each day to work with my bicycle (one way is about 8-9 km), now since a year, it sums up. Congratulations Alex 🙂 !

April 20, 2007 My Life

I recently encountered extremly slow compilation and linking times with g++ 4.1 and ld 2.16. Suprisingly, on a different (and slower) machine with g++/gcc 3.4 and ld 2.15 compiling and linking was much faster (easily with a factor of 10 to 20). Since it slowed down the development, it was really annoying. So I was looking around on the web to find some fixes or help. I also tried newer versions of ld and g++, but it didn’t really change anything. Interestingly the CPU usage during linking was down at 2-3%. So finally I found the bottleneck with our NFS which caused a slow-down when using the option -m32 during linking (I’m on a 64 bit machine compiling in 32 bit, so I need this option). I found another bottleneck with the assembler (as) also caused by using NFS. Compiling to a file in the network (i.e., not local) slows down the assembler quite a bit. So as a workaround one should try to compile intermediate object (.o) files as well as to link object files to executables to some place in the local file system (i.e., the file given by the option -o should be somewhere locally).

I thought I should just put this note online, it might save some of our time in case you’re experiencing similar problems :).

April 19, 2007 Development

Alex at Chamrousse

This weekend we have been the first time for this year skiing! Snow conditions were not too bad, although there were some bad parts on the tracks with smaller (and bigger) stones. This is not that nice. Appart from that it was great. Check out the photo gallery for pictures. Also have a closer look at the picture .. remember I bought a snowboard, this is the one you can see on the picture (I like yellow).

January 30, 2007 My Life

I put a small photo gallery online .. see it’s the last link on the left side. There are not yet a lot of photos online, but it will be filled with the time.

January 29, 2007 My Life

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