I actually did not mention it so far .. I have an iBook G4 and at the beginning I had to discover that even a Macintosh product is nothing more than a computer. Well, I still find it more satisfactory than other operating systems, the concept of Mac OS X is nice since it combines Unix (great for developing and “shelling”) with a great graphical user interface (works pretty well out-of-the-box). Nevertheless, it is only a computer, it crashes, does not always work out-of-the-box, and also the hardware isn’t always that great (during 3 years they had to change the motherboard two times, once the hard drive, once they fixed a problem with the cable connecting the monitor, and still I have problems that my iBook does not wake up after sleeping .. sleep of death [really annoying] .. but think that’s all .. ehem). Also I started having problems with my AC power adaptor. Instead of buying a new one, some websites (e.g., Repair-A-Powerbook-AC-Adapter) inspired me to try to fix it by myself. And it worked! After spending ~2 hours opening the adaptor (it really isn’t meant to be opened by somebody, it’s glued on both sides .. but it is possible) and fixing the problem with the power connection, I reassembled and taped it. You can admire the final result on the photo :).

April 12, 2008 My Life

Finally we managed to put the videos of our christmas concert online :). Here we go… (click on “Read the rest of this entry” to see all tracks we played)

Autumn leaves:

January 10, 2008 Music

XMas concert of Light Motif at 30 November, 2007 in GrenobleOn Monday 26th November, we played our first concert with our jazz quartet Light Motif … in the living room at our home. Since soon is christmas, we named the concert XMas concert. Have a look at the photos in the gallery.

December 2, 2007 Music, My Life

Voilà, after a little pause it’s time for a new song release: “And now she’s gone”. It’s style is Bossa/Latin (which fits the mood of the song) and it has been recorded with a similar set-up than the last songs (Dillion guitar, Line 6 Pod Xt Live, Garageband).

October 17, 2007 Music

Here a sample song from our jazz quartet “Light Motif”: saxophone, vibraphone, guitar, and double bass. We are currently building up a repertoire in order to play some concerts. Here one of the first recorded songs .. “All Blues” :-).

October 15, 2007 Music

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