Alex at Chamrousse

This weekend we have been the first time for this year skiing! Snow conditions were not too bad, although there were some bad parts on the tracks with smaller (and bigger) stones. This is not that nice. Appart from that it was great. Check out the photo gallery for pictures. Also have a closer look at the picture .. remember I bought a snowboard, this is the one you can see on the picture (I like yellow).

January 30, 2007 My Life

I put a small photo gallery online .. see it’s the last link on the left side. There are not yet a lot of photos online, but it will be filled with the time.

January 29, 2007 My Life

Here are two new songs written by me. I finished them the end of last year. The first one is called A Quite Thought. It has been recorded with a Sandberg nylon acoustic guitar, a Seagull acoustic western guitar, with a Line 6 POD Xt Live and a Dillion guitar (and a Samba Egg) .. again using GarageBand.

The second one is called Close Steps. Similar setup, no Sandberg (and no Samba Egg) and with strings from GarageBand.

January 26, 2007 Music

Wonderful .. looking out of the window this morning, we saw snow in Grenoble. The temperature dropped these days and it already started snowing yesterday evening. Now we can look forward to go skiing. Haven’t checked out the snow conditions in the skiing resorts, but it should be ok, I guess.

January 24, 2007 My Life

Yes, I bought myself a snowboard :), sic! I mean one should certainly seize opportunities like living in the alpes and being surrounded by innumerable skiing resorts, eh? Well, that’s why I got a snowboard .. but hey, where’s the snow? Ok, there’s some up in the mountains, but even there the weather conditions are not at their best for skiing. Hm .. we’ll hope and see when winter is coming (hopefully we won’t skip from autumn directly to spring!).

January 10, 2007 My Life

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