Great news: I finished my PhD studies with a successful defense on July 31! The jury’s critics for my presentation and defense were very positive, and so the jury was happy to award me with the doctor diploma 🙂 .

My PhD jury (from left to right): Ivan Laptev, Martial Hebert, François Brémond, James Crowley, Alexander Kläser, Cordelia Schmid

For people who are interested in my research work on automated human action recognition in realistic video sequences, I invite you to visit my homepage at the LEAR research group.

After about 3 years and 8 months of doctoral studies + 8 months for my master studies, approximately 15,000 km of cycling, many ups and downs 🙂 , a lot of new things that I learned, a deep dive into the French culture, many wonderful people that I met, a great shared flat in Grenoble downtown (!), many wonderful musicians that I was able to play with (thanks, light motif!), and a wonderful stay in a really nice city, my time in Grenoble has finally come to an end. Thanks to everybody that I was able to meet and to share a part of my path that led my through Grenoble!

October 31, 2010 PhD

I finished writing my PhD thesis. Now I’m getting ready for the thesis defense which will take place 31 July. I added the final statistics of my writing advances.

These are the final statistics of my thesis writing advances.

June 24, 2010 PhD

People keep asking “And .. how many pages?”. Well, therefore a little update on my advances concerning my thesis writing. It seems that I’m getting closer to a final version! In the statistics, you can see for roughly two months the work stagnating. During that time, I concentrated again on some project work that benefited also my dissertation. This explains the sudden increase recently 🙂 .

PhD thesis statistics

Statistics of my thesis writing advances

May 24, 2010 My Life, PhD

Yep, in december I started writing my PhD thesis! The most special moment was when I wrote down the first sentences of the very first page. Since then it is gradually growing .. I should eventually post some statistics about the improvement. I will have a look at that…

January 19, 2010 My Life, PhD

Hey, I did not post about this… one of our projects got published at last years British Machine Vision Conference (BMVC ’09) in London. And more than just a publication, our work was accepted as an oral presentation. Since all presentations from this conference were recorded and published online at, you can see me presenting on their site. Enjoy 🙂 !

January 19, 2010 My Life, PhD