Yes, I bought myself a snowboard :), sic! I mean one should certainly seize opportunities like living in the alpes and being surrounded by innumerable skiing resorts, eh? Well, that’s why I got a snowboard .. but hey, where’s the snow? Ok, there’s some up in the mountains, but even there the weather conditions are not at their best for skiing. Hm .. we’ll hope and see when winter is coming (hopefully we won’t skip from autumn directly to spring!).

January 10, 2007 My Life

… and another song released online. This is a version of “Take Five” played as funk. I recorded it end of 2005 trying to funkifize the original version. I liked it, so I decided to put it online ;). Again recorded with Garageband and Pod (2.0).

December 10, 2006 Music

I’m very proud to officially release my first song online named “Lately” :D. I recorded it on my iBook with Garageband, using the built-in sounds and effects of Garageband. For the guitar I used a Line 6 Pod and Pod Xt Live along with a Dillion guitar.

December 3, 2006 Music

I just installed WordPress as my new homepage/blog and added the postings from my former website. Now you guys can comment on things and stuff ;).

December 2, 2006 My Life

Hey, now it’s official .. after having written my master thesis with LEAR at INRIA Rhône-Alpes in Grenoble (France), I will start with my PhD (i.e. doctoral studies) in the group. Today, I celebrated my first official working day with waffles for the whole group, thought that’d be a good start :). So in case somebody is wondering where I am .. contrary to my traveling from country to country in the last years, I am now for the next 3 years at one and the same place.

December 1, 2006 My Life

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