Fete de la musique – With us!

Trio a la Casa++ at the Fete de la Musique -- Alex Kläser at the guitarJune 21 is “la Fete de la musique” (World Music Day, see also the corresponding wikipedia article). On this day everybody is officially allowed to make music (the only day in the year without any noise restriction!) .. simply descend your instrument, your amplification and make music. We also did this spontaneously with our “Trio a la Casa++”. We come together once in a while in my apartment and jam. It consists of Nicolas (drums) and Jean-Baptiste (double bass). The “++” indicates that we actually were more than three: Fano (saxophone), Yves (guitar), and “the neighbor” (guitar). The people seemed to be very content with our performance (about 3 hours), an improvised mix of jazz, pop, and rock. The neighbor a few floors above us joined us spontaneously through his window playing a guitar solo, than descending to join us also physically in the street. Some pictures that should give you an impression of that nice are online in the gallery .. thanks a lot to Caroline for taking theses marvelous pictures 🙂 !!!

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July 1, 2007 Music, My Life