One of this weekend’s highlights: My first self-made raw chocolate! The good things are that it’s healthy (sic! unheated, raw chocolate is a very rich source of anti-oxidants, including flavonoids and many minerals), super tasty, fun to do, and fairly easy! Miammmm! Try googling some recipies. I’m still experimenting with the sweetener, Xylitol (sweet & good for your teeth!) seems to be a very good option, but the taste does not convince me yet… I still need to experiment 😉 . Agave syrup is the safe way to go for now. Here some pictures of the final result…

January 29, 2012 Food, My Life

“Moin” from Bremen, North-Germany! I am very happy to announce that I will start a new job at the Linux and Open Source company Univention. I always was intrigued by the philosophy and the possibilities of open source .. and to be able to work in this domain as a full time job, is just great 🙂 . I’m very much looking forward to my new job!

October 31, 2010 My Life

Lately, I took an opportunity to do skydiving. A tandem jump from the airplane at 4000m 🙂 . I edited the raw video from the jump and put it online. As music, I used my song “Lately”.

July 5, 2010 My Life

People keep asking “And .. how many pages?”. Well, therefore a little update on my advances concerning my thesis writing. It seems that I’m getting closer to a final version! In the statistics, you can see for roughly two months the work stagnating. During that time, I concentrated again on some project work that benefited also my dissertation. This explains the sudden increase recently 🙂 .

PhD thesis statistics

Statistics of my thesis writing advances

May 24, 2010 My Life, PhD

I thought of making a plot that shows my advances in writing my PhD thesis. After some tweaking, voilà, here it is. There are some interesting things to note, for example the intense writing period beginning of February .. but maybe you should have a look yourself.

February 21, 2010 My Life

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