My first self-made *raw* chocolate

One of this weekend’s highlights: My first self-made raw chocolate! The good things are that it’s healthy (sic! unheated, raw chocolate is a very rich source of anti-oxidants, including flavonoids and many minerals), super tasty, fun to do, and fairly easy! Miammmm! Try googling some recipies. I’m still experimenting with the sweetener, Xylitol (sweet & good for your teeth!) seems to be a very good option, but the taste does not convince me yet… I still need to experiment 😉 . Agave syrup is the safe way to go for now. Here some pictures of the final result…


  1. katharina says:

    hmmmmmm! i’ve had a nice raw cocolate- hot chocolate yesterday. i also tried xylid, but for me, agave or even the good “rohrohrzucker” (just pressed zuckerrohr) is the best of the best! 🙂 not heated over 40°C, for shure 😉

  2. katharina says:

    sooorry 4 my worse english..

  3. Alex says:

    Hey Katharina, nice to hear from you!!!
    I’m doing an experiment on what is the best alternative sweetner for chocolate… I still need some test persons before I can publish my preliminary chocolate research results, but it will be very interesting! Indeed agava syrop does quite well so far in the tests 🙂 ! Hm… raw cane sugar… how good is it for your health and the teeth? Xylitol is really nice since it’s good for the teeth 🙂 . It sweetens well, howerver, its crystals still remain in the chocolate… I will need to find a way to dissolve it upfront. Then it will be fine, I think. I will post another article on that!
    best from the north, Alex!

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January 29, 2012 Food, My Life