The best sweetener for raw chocolate – an experiment

On the way to the perfect raw chocolate… for my latest experiment, I made raw chocolate with different kinds of healthy sweeteners:

For the experiment, we were three people to judge the quality of the sweetener between 0 (awful) and 10 (awesome). The outcome is interesting. Marple syrup and agave syrup seem to be the best, closely followed by Xylitol. Stevia is ok (here I used dried and grinded Stevia), however, its sweetnes does not seem to get a full and round taste. Its taste is rather sharp and if used too much, it can be disturbing. Maybe it would be better with fresh stevia? Molasses has not been judged well, as it comes a long with a very strong taste and not so much sweetness.

For my last chocolate preparations I was using Xylitol (with a bit of stevia) as it seems to be healthywise (especially for the teath) the most advantageous sweetener. One downside during the experiments was that its crystals did not melt in the chocolate. Blending chocolate and Xylitol together at a high speed before pouring them into the molds has proven to be helpful. I like the final outcome 🙂 .

Here is the final result of the average score along with standard deviation indicated by the error bars:

Experiment for different healthy chocolate sweeteners


  1. JoAnne says:

    Hi Alex,
    I was searching online for the best raw sweetener to use in making raw chocolates, and came across your blog. Why didn’t you use raw honey in your experiment with the sweeteners? I was curious about that as I’m thinking about using raw honey, but I’ve never tried making raw chocolates so am searching the internet. Btw do you have a recipe you can share for the raw chocolates you made? Thanks! JoAnne

  2. Maple syrup or is it a specialty item?

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February 29, 2012 Food, My Life